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Welcome to the gallery exhibition of my ongoing artistic practice. I am a sustainable clothing artisan, educator, patented inventor, author and maker of beautiful things. My quest is creative collaboration and perfection of design imbued with Art.

A Creativity Maestro


Taking the reuse-recycle-repurpose concept and elevating it to create items of increased value. Clothing, accessories and anything headed for the landfill are cleaned, dismantled and recreated into something more valuable that will have a much longer useful life. This process is difficult yet very fulfilling and is the way forward considering our resources.

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Upcycled Bag


The art of making clothing beautifully with all the precision possible. I have made clothes for individuals and as samples for fashion companies.

Sewn Garments


These items serve a specific purpose and were created in collaboration to address specific issues. I draped fabric on a wheelchair bound person and created a pair of pants to suit their needs. Then I created the patterns and samples for production in a factory.

Wheelchair Jeans
Wheelchair Jeans
Sewn Items
Denim Creative Toolbelt
Getta Grip Clips
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Coloring Book

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My Sketchpad is the Safest Place on Earth

This coloring book is about my journey from a child drawing whatever was around me through my career as an artist and designer. I produced this book to bring light to my process that was almost extinguished by the pandemic. Creativity is my deepest connection in life, the artistic path is my road forward and I hope my book inspires your special life!



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Huxley Portrait

I work as a fashion sketch artist at events and am completely fascinated by the endless variety of humans. I draw the person as we talk and then I give the sketch as a gift for sitting with me. It's very intimate to draw someone I have just met and it creates the most unique conversations.



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Painted Mannequin

These were created for an exhibit in 2002 and are my fantasy of covering someone in my drawings like a tattoo artist.I have taken these to many events over the years and they always attract people which creates sales!


I truly enjoy teaching people how to interpret their own personal style into a creative skill set. One of my gifts is the ability to lead a group to a goal or conclusion and this was not something I studied, it's something that emerged over years of collaborations. I guide people through drawing , draping, sewing, pattern making and the complications that arise while we are learning. I encourage them to have patience with themselves during the process and allow room for break downs and breakthroughs.

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I work as a designer, illustrator, content creator and project manager for companies and individuals. My talent and experience are available for a myriad of creative possibilities. Please email your ideas, concepts and opportunities!

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