Welcome to my ongoing artistic practice! I love creating things to wear and use many types of textiles that come way from all types of projects and collaborations. I like good fit and design imbued with art in a sustainable way and here I can offer my one of a kind creations. I can make anything here to order, we can work together on the size, color and details. This is conscious creation to celebrate Life! Originals that reflect my beliefs and values infused with fashion. I am continually amazed at how happy people feel wearing these things!

Please contact me if you'd like a variation on something seen here. I am used to making things for specific individuals and have worked on every size and shape.

Let's work together

I work as a designer, illustrator, content creator and project manager for companies and individuals. My talent and experience are available for a myriad of creative possibilities. Please email your ideas, concepts and opportunities!

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